I do like Facebook. Since we have so many of our scholars, we can keep up with what it is that they are doing, the families that they have started, the wonderful things that they are doing in their communities. It is a delight for Carol and me to see all of this.
We also see lots of political and religious kinds of things from the many people who are our friends. For the most part what they say is reasoned, heartfelt, and sincere. We all do not have to agree with each other, or even by in the same book, much less the same page. That’s the way it is with us. Our opinions are not as important as the colloquy with all the nice people who are our Facebook friends.
Yes, there is a however. There are a few people, not many, who take their dislike or their political or religious opinions to an illogical consequence. I am about to unfriend a few folks who are venomous, hateful, cursing, foulmouthed and absolutely unconcerned with how others might see them.
As I have said a long while, disagreements, even about principles, should not lead to hatred. I am sorry to say that for these few, their hatred far outstrips their rational behaviors. There is a strain of this across the United States these days. It prevents people to have open dialogues about important things that must get done. I cannot countenance this sort of hateful vitriol. I wish that this is not the direction that we are heading to in our country. We can have honest disagreements about all sorts of things. We have over the course of our country.
If you have seen all the horrible things said, at the time, of Presidents Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt (both of them), you will see snatches of these kinds of hateful things. I have no desire to turn back the pages of history and go back to those times. I was however, hopeful, that there would be a general movement to civil discourse. I don’t see that happening. Small groups are people are moving away from each other with more hatred than ever before.
They can now vent their spleens on all of the social media. These mediums give the haters the opportunity to disclose their inner devils. I have no more need to hear them, or read them. Go on your merry way without me.


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