I hate to return to my blogging by saying that I have lost everything on my computer. However, it is the truth. A few weeks ago, I was typing up something and I saw a giant shield come on the screen. It seemed like one of those advertisements that pop up every now and again. I made no moves to get it off. I did then click it a couple of times and nothing happened. After a while I got kind of perturbed when I could not seem to get anything on my desktop that I was working on. The only thing that seemed to open up was something I was working on when I saw the shield.
I then realized that I had been attacked by a virus. Nothing opened on any part of my computer including the flash drives that I had installed to back up the things on my desktop. The virus has killed all of those files by encrypting them. There was a notice on my machine now that told me that for $300 I could get all of my files unencrypted.
I called my computer company/server and learned that this had happened to a number of their clients. There was no way of unencrypting the files. There was a person in Russia who had invented this virus and was making millions unencrypting the files, while loading another virus onto your computer. This seemed like a no win situation.
I was then left with only one possibility. I took my computer over to my server and had them clean off any viruses that they found. They did clean my hard drive, but could do nothing with the files. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve some of my desktop stuff by going into my email and look at all of the attachments that I had sent to people. The desktop was kind of a holding place for those things. I did however get most of those back, but lost all of my pictures and the historical data on my flash drive.
So what does this have to do with this blog? All of my blogs that I have written for the past four years were in a file on my desktop. It is now all gone and only lives in the ether on the WordPress site. I am trying to get WordPress to help me download the blog onto a word document. No success just yet, but I am hopeful. Did I learn a lesson? You bet that I did. I now take my flashdrives out each time I stop working on my computer. Hopefully, that will be of some help to you. Be back soon.