In 1893 Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle decided to end his partnership with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. He had just enough of the narcissistic sleuth and decided to concentrate on his vocation as an ophthalmologist. He also began to write some other kinds of short stories of a different kind. He had no need to continue with his partnership with Holmes and Watson and that was it.

He had killed off Holmes and his arch nemesis, Professor Moriarity at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland. Both of the combatants knew that the only way for them to end their colossal struggle- good vs. evil- was to kill each other off. And so ended the lives of these two titanic foes.

So it was for 8 years that Conan Doyle ( not a hyphenated name) attended to other things in his life. However, there was so much more to say about his detective and the techniques that made him famous, that a groundswell developed in his readership. Victorian England needed a hero, who spoke their language, and was able to keep a stiff upper lip while solving some dastardly crimes.

Ladies and Gentlemen could not involve themselves with characters such as the Baker Street Irregulars, who were just common thieves. However, they could be involved with them through Holmes. It was voyeurism to the highest.

Doyle was bothered by his own family not to quit, or to resume these marvelous adventures. In 1901 Doyle did just that. He wrote the Hound of the Baskerville and later in 1903, he discussed how Holmes escaped death in, The Adventure of the Empty House.

When I contemplated ending my blog a number of months ago, I was sure that would be the end of it. I have since learned that my responsibility to the outside world does not end at the tip of my nose or the ends of my fingers. I did not realize that I had a coterie of very interested readers.

I have not yet had the guts to let people know that I will put up new blogs on a regular basis. I will not notify folks that I am doing this. I will post from time to time and if people are interested, they will find them. I did not fall over Reichenbach Falls, but I did think that my career as a blog writer was over. Maybe that isn’t true.