It’s been about four years that I started this blog. I never had any intention of going this long. I began with some stories about my family, my aunt and uncle, mother, grandmother, etc. That’s all that it was meant to be. I went off into many different directions, even writing a novella.
Not that I have nothing more to say, but I am not sure that a blog is the best place to say them. I leave you with no regrets about anything that I have written and I have had fun doing it. I appreciated all of your comments, critiques, and jokes about what I was doing. I bid you farewell and the best to you and your families.

7 thoughts on “THE END

  1. I, certainly, would not venture to tell you what to do. I think you will do a disservice to yourself and
    your followers by not continuing your writings (unless there is a really good reason). Your blogs
    don’t have to be terribly long or every month, but your insight into matters are usually keen and
    interesting. Your blogs will be missed. MC

    • Paul, I hope not really silenced. I am just a bit weary right now and the future lies just beyond the door to my office. Love to see you sometime and review past victories. Hope you are enjoying your new job.


  2. Arnold…if you are weary, take a break but don’t give up your blog! It gives you a place to ruminate and talk about things that are important to you…and gives us a peek into your mind…LOL…sometimes a dark place, other times a place of joy and excitement! We NEED you!

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