I don’t normally approach my blogging with problems. However, this is one that really has me befuddled. About three weeks ago, I was trawling the net and came across a job that had me written all over it. I know what you are thinking. It has happened to everyone else in the world- bright, articulate, strong leadership skills, able to leap tall buildings with a single bound. Yes, all of those things. I guess I am not as suave as I thought I was.
At the end of the advertisement, there were instructions about how to apply for the job. Now, you must understand that I have not worked for anyone, except my wife, since 1991. So, it was a strange feeling to write to the search company and tell them that I was interested and sent them my resume.
I am still, to this moment, wondering, why I did it. Yes, I am really a competitive person with a huge ego. Who would it be that would not choose me, the champion of champions, for this job?
A few days later, I got a call from the headhunters, asking me if I would agree to a phone interview the next day. “Why certainly, “I said. The next day at 11:00 a.m. I had a 30 minute interview with a young man, who felt that I had the experience to turn this organization around. He asked me what my last salary was. I told him that was 22 years ago and that it was $75,000. He responded by saying that the range for this position was between $200, 000 and $250,000. Would I still be interested? I kind of harrumphed a bit to quell the coughing spell that I was going to have.
He told me that I was one of the best candidates, according to the resumes, that he had seen and would I be able to meet with their search staff in Philly the next week. Funny, Carol and I were going to spend 4 days in Philly the next week. I agreed to a time and place.
I was to be interviewed by two people, a man and a woman. When I got to the offices, I was trundled into a conference room that overlooked the entire city. I was in real classyland. The woman who was to interview me apologized that the man would not be there and could she call her doctor and get a prescription filled. I would certainly not be averse to waiting for a bit.
She came back in a while later and peppered me with bunches of questions about my background, why I had not been involved in local politics since I moved to Harrisburg, what was the most negative thing that had happened to me in my work life and suchlike. They were all pretty standard questions that I had heard before. I was sure that the answers that she got from me were not.
I told her that I was not a planner and referred her to a book by Nassim Taleb, called Black Swan. I told her that I used to eat at the President Pro Tem of the Senate’s restaurant in Brockway long before he was a state senator. I also told her that I had known the Speaker of the House since 1982 and that I almost hired his wife (decided to have a child instead).
I guess I can’t help but brag a bit during an interview. I was startled to learn that if I proceeded any further in the process, that I would have to present a six month entry plan. I am still not sure how I would know enough about the organization to be able to do something like that. I could do something generic, or a template, but not a real plan.
The interviewer laid out the plan for the next step in the process. She told me that she would be calling back in two days. That was three weeks ago. In some ways, my ego is deflated by not hearing from them. In other ways I am really happy that I did not go any further. If I get a call tomorrow for another interview, I am not sure what I will do. Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure of Mr. Know it All gets his comeuppance.


4 thoughts on “IN A QUANDRY

  1. I am glad you feel this way and had the opportunity to go through the interview process. They don’t know it, but they just lost the best candidate! Carol

  2. I find it very strange when companies behave that way. I had the very same experience when I interviewed in Philly. The HR Director even walked me to my car asking me what I thought and if I thought the job was of interest…promising he would call in two days…two years later, I still haven’t received that phone call!…I think it’s rude…and Carol is right – they missed out on a super leader in you!

    • Ginny, Marc and David have also told me that this is what happens nowadays. There is no response for a long time if ever. It may have even to do with the laws about hiring and firing people.


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