We were in Washington D.C. all day Saturday reviewing the files and making some headway about how this organization worked. Using the information that the cryptologist began to uncover, it appeared that the first file began sometime in the 1870’s in the Atherhold Community School District. Public education had begun in Pennsylvania in the 1840’s. There had been public schools even before then, but the state involvement occurred in the 1840’s. The first set of numbers on the oldest files appeared in the 1870’s.
The teacher whose file we found with the code on them was from 1881. The coded instructions were clear. The man was assigned to assassinate James Garfield, the President of the United States. There was an old picture of the teacher. Someone at the FBI scrounged up a picture of Charles Guiteau, the man who was assused of killing President Garfield. The teacher had been selected because he was a dead ringer for Charles Guiteau. Evidently, the plan was successful. Garfield died and Guiteau was brought to trial and hanged. The teacher, Frederick Schlossberg, continued to work at the school district for many years and retired 30 years later.
Schlossberg’s file contained a number of these coded messages, so that it was possible that he had done a number of other tasks for the organization. We decided to call the organization, Thieves and Assassins (T and A for short).
The day was long and pressure filled. I was anxious to get home to my family. It would be Easter Sunday the next day, and I would not want to miss it. There were many other things that we discovered on that day that could have changed the way people would look at history. Hoover made this admonishment to all of us. “Never, till the day you die, will you ever say anything about this to anyone. You can see what this might do to the entire world.”


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