Barstow lied. Because the FBI had a signed confession from him, they only had to appear in front of a judge to accept his confession. Since these were just the early days of the Miranda decision, there was no clambering by Barstow’s court appointed lawyer. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and was sent to a maximum, security prison in southern Virginia. While there he was questioned once again about his instructions from the people who wanted Miss Reinhold killed.
While in prison, he had bragged that he put one over on the FBI about who had hired him. He told his cellmate (who told the warden for some accommodations at the prison), that he really did know who hired him. It was a last minute hire that could not be done by the man’s organization because it would cause suspicion. Baumgartner and Ellerbee were dispatched to the prison to speak with Barstow. When they got him in a private holding area, Barstow began to laugh. “How’d you like to know who hired me” he intoned. “What do I get out of it, if I tell you?” The FBI could not promise Barstow anything, but they did say that they would speak to the warden about granting some more yard time and extra rations. Barstow agreed.
He said that he got a phone call from one of his pals, saying that someone was asking around about a possible hit. Did they know anyone? The man mentioned Barstow, although not by name and was given a phone number to call. When Barstow got the call he negotiated a $5,000 fee. He asked for half up front and half upon successful completion of the task. He was told to meet someone in Fairmont Park in back of the Valley Green restaurant at 11:00 the following evening. He did as he was told and someone was there to meet him. Although all of this was done in shadows, he did notice that the person was extremely tall and walked stooped over. The same arrangement was made for the second half of the money. This time, the darkness could not disguise the person’s general appearance. He was wearing a suit with shined shoes and he looked like a school teacher. Actually he looked like that teacher in that story about the headless horseman- Ichabod Crane.


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