Daphne and I spoke a while after the Philbrick call. We both agreed that there was more to this thing than the immediacy of the decision. This would affect us for the remainder of our lives. We could not go on living as we did until then. We agreed that we should take this chance for the sake of our family.
I called Ellerbee that evening and told him that we were ready to do as he had asked. He told us that a van would pull up to our house in the morning ready to take our things down to Quantico and to get a list of things that needed to be done to the house while we were away. He said that the FBI would not pay for the improvements, but that we could pay them back as soon as he could. Since Daphne and I were prepared to give the FBI the list, we were not prepared to pack so quickly. We worked pretty much through the night and got only a few hours’ sleep when the doorbell rang at about 8:00 a.m. the next morning.
We got into our clothes and opened the door. Two men were there to take our packed possessions and those things that we might need even in a furnished apartment in Quantico. We were given directions to Quantico and some papers to present to the officials of the FBI when we got there. Our liaison would be Agent Aramis Baumgartner. He would see to our needs and help me to get involved in the training. He would be with us for the entire time down in Quantico and would, from that day forward be our contact with the FBI.
The two men left us and drove away in their van. Daphne and I were in no mood for breakfast. We packed our little bag of toiletries and such, got into the car and headed for Quantico. We had no idea what we were getting into.



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