I really don’t check to see the statistics on my blog. I have about 115 people that I send out notification to and I assume that they are the folks who read the blog and respond sometimes. Just this evening, after an afternoon of American football, I looked at the blog statistics and had my mind blown. Over the past three months, there have been people from 28 countries who have looked into the musings of Jean Jacques Crawb.
These were not just European, or English speaking countries, but places like Indonesia and Syria among others. I am not sure who these people are, ex-pats, business types, or whomever. Since I am not given to explaining the idiomatic meanings of words, nor do I refrain from using place names, American slang, or purely American experiences in my tomes, I wonder what these people think.
I am hoping that these folks respond to my blog with their own thoughts and questions. It would be so interesting to see what my experiences mean to them. If you folks, in other countries, are out there, please let me know.



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