Her long red curly hair sways into her face when she plays the piano and sings at the same time. Her 3 octave voice seems to come from some other unworldly place, rather than her mouth. She is as Irish as County Cork with a smile that can light up a very dim room. She can sing her own songs, which she creates out of whole cloth, and anything else that you might ask her. Manda is a singer in the most traditional of ways.
Her voice is at once cultured, brassy, lilting, uplifting and down and dirty. Her interpretations of some old standards make them sound like new songs. Her own creations extend her range from a low alto to an operatic coloratura (she has sung opera). I have often wanted to have such a trained voice so that every note was of my creation, rather than the songwriter’s, or the person that I was imitating. Manda makes each song hers and it was delightful to see.
Our small bunch of followers on our way to Norway on a Royal Caribbean ship, were fascinated by her and sat with our drinks held high as she sang almost every single request ( mostly by me). Our compatriots, Bo and Renate (from Denmark) and David and Julie from Cape Cod became instant fans of this wonderful musician.
Here piano playing follows her voice to a T. If you have any musical background \you know how hard that is to do. Manda makes it look easy. She can play with one hand and gesture with the other ( not sure she even realizes she is doing it). Carol and I purchased one of her CDs. We will probably keep in touch with Manda and hope that we will run across her sometime in the future, or go to someplace where she is singing.
Not sure what the future holds for her and her horn playing husband. We can only wish them the best of luck and hope that the break , they so richly deserve, gets to them quickly.


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