It has become apparent that there seems to be a plethora of news about religion. The news focuses on atheists, agnostics, Scientologists, Christians (excluding the Catholic Church), the Catholic Church, Muslims, Jews Mormons, and so many others. However, there is nothing mentioned of the pagans.
At one time, the world was overrun (literally) by the pagans and their hordes. By the end of the middle Ages, pagans accounted for man Papal Bulls, encyclicals, crusades, and missionaries. The world was evidently overrun by your kind.
Then the tide turned and the other great hordes of religionists tipped the scales in their own favor by either stealth, or outright public relations. No longer were pagans seen as enemies, nor were they. Enemies came in with national states and there was enough animosity to place the pagans way in the background. The foreground was littered by Wars of Roses, Hundred Year Wars, Caliphates, revolutions of one sort or another and violent eruptions of nationalism.
Countries rose and fell, converted and unconverted, lay fallow, rose again and then invented the most insidious thing of all, machines of war. The Chinese brought gunpowder to the world, not for use in firecrackers, but for killing and maiming. Larger engines of war were created so as to be able to stand miles away and hurl things across land and sea.
By the twentieth century, there was little, if no discussion of pagans. Newspapers and later radio, tv and the most modern of appliances, the internet, Ipods and such have no interest in that concept. Philosophers speak of all subjects, but not paganism. Why is that?
In this era of instant news, pagans are not seen as threats. We know that you are there somewhere, but not in obvious places. You are hidden behind trees, in warmer climes, near jungles, in the steppes, wallowing in the swamps, worshiping your animistic gods behind mountains and ice floes. Many believe that your time is long past.
We need a balance in the universe. With the current emphasis on religion, we need you to emerge, as you once did, on the human stage. Your presence will soothe us all, or scare the living stuff out of us. We ask you, “Come out come out, wherever you are.”


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