The Vancouver Canucks hockey team was favored to win the Stanley Cup, emblematic of the world champions of hockey. They did not win. After a tussle with their rivals, the Boston Bruins, they lost by 4 games to 3. It was a close battle and Vancouver might have won but didn’t. The night of the loss there were riots in Vancouver. 150 people were injured, fires were started, much property was damaged, cars were overturned and it went on for 3 to 4 hours.

This means that the hockey team will have to wait another year to see if they would win the Stanley Cup. It strikes me as strange that the reason for this outburst was the loss of the game. If that were true, than the Chicago Cub fans would have destroyed the entire town, for they have not won anything since the beginning of the 20th century. The Red Sox had not won anything since Babe Ruth left until 2004.

The Detroit Lions football team has not won since the 50’s and some NFL teams have never won a Super Bowl. Why is it that these fans have not started riots in those cities? Why is it that “hooliganism” at soccer matches, especially in Great Britain is so prevalent? Why are there riots in South American countries after soccer (their name is football) matches? It is all very strange to me.

I am a Brooklyn Dodger fan and have been all of my life. I was preceded by my father who was a Brooklyn Dodger fan before me. I do not remember any rioting when the Dodgers did not win a World Series until 1955 and then left Brooklyn for L.A. a few years later- no riots or hooligans.

Maybe it’s the crowd mentality, whatever that is. Is it possible to start a riot with one single person, or is there really a plan set out by people before the sporting event happens. My guess is that this stuff is all deliberate and not an accident.
I believe that these kinds of riots have their origins with one person or a group of people before the event.

The excuse maybe a loss, but the plans are set forth whether a win or a loss. After all, who asks the riot instigators who they were rooting for, or even whether they were rooting for anyone? There really are those kinds of people in the world who really do enjoy chaos ( just finished a Rick Riordan book about the conflict between chaos and order, it’s really a kid’s book, but it hits that point).

With all of the TV cameras that now adorn lampposts and other structures, it may soon come to pass that we can identify these kinds of people. Wouldn’t it be weird if they move from place to place to ply their trade?


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