Once again the world will be coming to an end within the next day or so. I am not sure why we have this prediction, but it has something to do with religion. Doom has been an industry for many thousand years. If the 2000 year old man can be believed, it started with Phil standing on a mountaintop. Phil was the leader of the cave people. When a bolt of lightning hit him and lit him up, the people all said,
“there must be something bigger than Phil.”

It was at that moment that the shaman, medicine man or woman began the chants predicting that the world was ending. The Oracle at Delphi had some sort of hand in the ancient Greek world. It predicted doom for certain leaders and armies. The Old Testament predicted that the world would end and even named a specific place. The New Testament carried it one step further and said that there would be a resurrection and the world would end with only certain folks coming out of it.

Evidently the Mayans and the other North American peoples had a handle on the end of the world. Their predictions were based on heavenly bodies and their movements. We just passed one of those times of doom.

Nostradamus also predicted the eventual cataclysm in his writings. He put things far in advance so no one in his era could really charge him with being a charlatan.
The most modern of the doom club seem to have a different  view of the preparation for doomsday.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s we were prepared for nuclear annihilation. The folks who built bomb shelters (see a great movie with Christopher Walken and Bredan Fraser) really made some dough over the fear. In the most modern of times, religious gurus have found of way of getting fat off the fear of others.

The guru says that the world will end in about 5 or 6 years and in preparation for the event, we should all gather together and make ourselves “clean” for the coming of . . . ( name your event) and by the way you must give up all your worldly goods to the organization that the guru represents. That sure is a great way of making a few bucks.

Wonder how many people made dough out of Y2K and the fear that it engendered. The machines were taking over the world ( a la Skynet, or the Matrix). Keep those machines and robots in their place. This kind of fear seems to produce an uptick in sale of computers.

I guess doom is in all of us and the fear of the end of the earth, is kind of a fantasy that we have conditioned ourselves to. Witness, global warming, the new event from the doom factory. It’s provable and engenders all kinds of activity. Maybe for once, we really do have something to worry about. Where the heck is all this rain coming from?


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