When my daughter’s middle son was learning to write, he was at our house scribbling on cardboard and tried to write Grandma. He did it all correctly, except for one thing. He put the M upside down and made it GRANDWA. The children still call Carol by that name most of the time. It was so funny to Paige, my daughter’s youngest child, that we began to call her PAIGEWA. It has stuck to this day.

Paige is a very unusual kid, not in a bad way, but in an . . . . unusual way. She is intensely creative and is able to have other kids go along with her plans and her inventions. In recent years, she created a series of songs related to coconuts and got 14 other kids in her class to sing the songs with her. Of course, when grandpa and grandwa came to visit, we were serenaded by all of the many songs. Grandwa was asked to created coconut items to go along with the songs.

Paige’s clarity of vision extends to parallel universes. In her own mind, she has created as vision of a universe where the sky is always red and the people are purple. I know that she knows that there is no such place, but she makes her explanations very believable.
At age ten, she has become a vegetarian. Once, when there was a discussion of getting a bone from the butcher for the family dog, Paige was shocked to learn that meat on the table did not come from cows that had died of natural causes. She had never realized that there was a butchering of cows and other animals, so that people could eat. My daughter has now been cooking and purchasing items that go along with a vegetarian diet. Her middle child has had an aversion to vegetables. He now is eating broccoli pancakes.

PAIGEWA’S other great love is pickles. She can eat them by the handful and is constantly looking for new pickle products like pickle jelly,pickle gum, a pickle purse and pickle boots. At her school there was a stricture about wearing traditional Hallowe’en costumes. Her teacher said that if you wanted to wear a costume, you had to dress up like a character in a book.PAIGEWA wanted to wear a pickle costume, so she created her own book about making pickles and dressed up as a pickle girl.

She has an uproarious sense of humor. She has a fondness for Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies. She sometimes jumps out at you from closets or from behind things and yells, “Peek A Boo,” in and ersatz French accent.

Her Aunt DiDi is her best friend for life (BFL) and she talks with Diane for hours on the phone. Diane is 43 years old and is a major influence in her life. They go shopping together and get manicures and pedicures together.

She sleeps with her 10 year old baby blanket, her great uncle Bernie’s yellow knit vest and her kitty. She takes these items on the road when she travels.

PAIGEWA is very smart and she has no idea that she is. She is self-effacing when she writes lengthy stories or plays the piano. This year she has set herself a goal of giving everyone in her family a birthday present. She is the best advertisement for her mother’s earrings and her grandmother’s special knitted things.

You never know what is going on in her mind. Sometimes out of the blue she will exclaim, “ I can’t stop thinking about bowls of rice.” Yes, there is no explanation of her thoughts. She is one special girl.


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