I signed a piece of paper this afternoon that will cut me off from my fix of home health care nursing. These are the people who come when you need them in the middle of the night to take your blood pressure and call the doctor. I will have one more visit and then I will be referred to a cardio rehab unit to probably walk on a treadmill and be told to keep in good shape. The nurses don’t tell you things like that. They are only interested in whether you have swollen ankles and a normal temperature.

I think I like them better than what I anticipate will happen in rehab. I am all for keeping tabs on my vitals, but not having to strap myself into an infernal machine that will make me walk faster than I was ever meant to. This is kind of forced activities compared the soothing ministrations of the nurse asking me how I am doing with my medication.

I am also parting with my cardiologist. When I saw him yesterday, he grilled me on every aspect of my existence. It was only towards the end of the discussion that he took a look at my incisions. He nodded his head and pronounce them acceptable. His manner was not brusque, but businesslike with a hint of a twinkle in his eye. He concluded that he really had no need to see me particularly soon. He made an arrangement for me to call in three weeks to tell him if my heart was fluttering and if it wasn’t he would take me off the anti-fluttering medication.

I feel that I am coming down off some drug induced state and am witnessing withdrawal. My surgeon has not even seen me since he did the operation. My one visit to the office was handled by a physician’s assistant. I have an appointment sometime in March , and I believe that will be all. I may not even get to see him personally, but will always be grateful for his skills.

I feel that I am rapidly parting from my health care friends. The only residual memories, after taking off my surgical stockings, are the breath measuring device and the copious number of pills that reside near the sink in my bathroom. The nurse has removed the device that sent them my vitals every morning at 9:00 with a strident voice. I will miss that voice. It appears that I will be resuming my normal life shortly. I can now drive and really enjoy it. I can walk outside during this nice weather and actually get a haircut on my own.

It has been a while and actually seems longer. If all things go well, I will be disassociated with my health care and probably be the better for their ministrations.


One thought on “THE END OF HEALTH CARE

  1. Amazing that you had heart bypass surgery just 4 weeks ago and you are now returning to your normal activities, not to mention that your heart is in much better health. Better living through chemistry and science.

    I still think you should hold off on the nude skydiving for at least a few months.

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