Who knew that a cheese steak sandwich at Giotti’s restaurant would be so exciting and the beginning of my recovery from my heart surgery. The day opened with sunshine ( the first time in about a week) and the promise of getting into our van and leaving the premises.

My son and his family were going to come to our home and come to the restaurant with us. How strange it was to actually walk out of the house and get into our van. I had to sit in a non-airbag seat (the doctor’s orders), so that if anything happened . . . . The meal was uneventful. Two days later, we really made an excursion by going to Bed Bath and Beyond and also Costco. I never realized how big Costco is,nor the new uses for shopping carts. I have a great idea for future shopping carts that come with side seats and little tables for snacks. By the time we got back into the car, I was truly spent, but joyous.

The next few days were filled with home health care nurses ( looked and am looking forward to their visits), doctor’s appointments and trying to figure out why I am having trouble sleeping. We finally came up with the answer. By staying in the same room all the time, for sitting, watching t.v. reading, washing, computering, snacking and so forth, you lose the daily retenue of leaving your bedroom and doing other things in other parts of the house. Your mind starts to figure that you are in the wrong place for sleeping.

The first day and night that I spent little time in my bedroom was the first night of actual good sleep. Not sure if the world knows that, but I sure do. I am now walking reasonably well and doing my breath exercises. Did not realize how important these exercises were ( although I did follow directions), until the physicians assistant told us that the surgeon had collapsed my left lung to go in and do the robotic stuff. I have to increase the volume of air and get my left lung back into shape. I even have some residual fluid because of the lung ( outside, not inside the lung).

The freezing weather has put a damper on my desire, or ability to go out. I have been given the o.k. to drive on Saturday, two weeks after release from the hospital. I still have to wear these damnable surgical stockings that take a weight lifter to put on and take off. They are so difficult that on the first day home, Carol threw her back out trying to put them on. ( She is o.k. now). Frankly, I really don’t look good in white stockings.

I am still taking a raft of pills, which I consume mostly in the morning after breakfast. I am still doing bland and will be doing so for quite a while. My schedule is now filled with doctor visits over the next few weeks. However, I am going t run for the school board in my community and petitions can be picked up on the 15th and guess what, I am going to do it myself.


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