Whenever Carol and I travel to some other part of the world, we are always fascinated with the news that emanates from the t.v. In most cases, in Europe, as well as other countries, we see BBC World staring at us and telling us what we rarely hear in the U.S.

News stations in our country, are either local, or national. The place of international news, other than wars in which we are involved, is limited. Seems there is little place in our minds to absorb things that happen outside of our borders. It is possible that the news people, whoever they are, consider their ratings and advertisers the guage by which they select what people see.

Recently, I was scanning my t.v. channels, of which there are so many that I despair of ever knowing what is on all of them, and found BBC World. It was refreshing, and in some cases alarming to see what the heck is happening outside of our purview.

Many of our charitable organizations, as well as our own government, has been actively involved in what goes on in the Sudan. We have even had Sudanese refugees coming to live in our country. Sudan is the largest country in Africa ( or so the BBC said) and has had civil wars between North ( Arabic) and South ( Black African) for decades. The toll on the people there has been horrendous.

In this broadcast, I found out there is a referendum upcoming for the Southern Sudanese to stay with the North or form their own country. There are questions of how the North will react to the results of the election. Maybe this is not on the top of your list of things to worry about. In times past, when we worried about all of the other countries in the world turning communist, this might have had some play, now we just kind of look inward to see how our economy is doing and what politicians are speaking the loudest.

In Europe, the EU has just elected a Hungarian as it’s chief executive. There are concerns that the Hungarian government has just clamped down on a free press and there is much consternation about how this will affect the European economy. Not worried about that, what about the European economy not living up to its growth projections? Does that not bother us?

Yup, we are now intertwined, even if we don’t want to be. Our way of life depends on the rest of the world, not just what’s going on in Washington, or our state capitols. I will continue to watch BBC World just to make sure that I don’t become someone that I don’t like.


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