This blog post is only for those with the kind of mind that absorbs trivial pieces of information and can’t get it out of their heads no matter how hard they try. It is in many subjects and there will be no answers at the end.

1.What was the name of Odysseus wife?
2.What member of the 1906 Chicago Cub infield is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?
3.How old is the universe?
4.Who disclosed that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a fake, in his memoirs?
5.Who was Phineas T. Bluster’s good twin brother?
6.Who was the last American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?
7.What was the name of the man who broke the 4 minute mile barrier?
8.What name was Jesse James using when he was killed by Robert Ford?
9.How big is a hectare ( in meters)?
10.Who is Erik Von Daniken?
11.What American President took his brother’s name because of the Civil War?
12.What state has the most varied kinds of trees?
13.What is the Atomic Symbol for lead?
14.Who created the term Rock and Roll?
15.What is/was the name of the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish?
16.What is Lady GaGa’s real name?
17.What was St. Paul’s original name?
18.What was the name of the first movie to win an Academy Award (for best picture)?
19.What was the name of the man who shot Archduke Francis Ferdinand?
20.Who was the first person to officially hypothesize that the earth was not the center of the universe?
21.What was Sherlock Holmes” older brother’s name?
22.Who wrote, “No Exit?”
23.Name one political party in history besides the Dems and the Republicans.
24.What are the most southerly, northerly, easterly and westerly states?
25.What was Adolph Hitler’s real second name?
26.What was Lenin’s real last name?
27.Who sponsored the Shadow on the radio?
28.What did Barack Obama’s college friends call him?
29.When did “don’t ask don’t tell” come into being?
30.Who was the first African American to play in the American League?
31.What Secretary General of the U.N. was killed in a crash over the Congo?
32.What is ambergris?
33.Why are you answering these questions?


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