I have just discovered the secret of all of the weight loss programs in the world. THEY REALLY DON’T AIM TO SUCCEED. Their reason for existence is to get you to be in their program- whether pills, exercise or the mystical food packets that arrive on your doorstep every week, and then lose weight. They then fully expect you to lose the proper poundage, give or take a few and then put the weight back on, or more in a short time.

There is something evil about this plan. Are there stick figure CEO’s sitting in their offices high atop a skyscraper in a big city laughing off their asses ( maybe literally) as we mere mortals struggle with our avoirdupois. The money keeps on rolling in as the marketing department figures out even more ways to humiliate you publicly. How about the reality show, “ The Biggest Loser.” Is it hard for you to look at a 350 lb. person stepping on a scale happy that he/she has lost ten pounds.

Ya think that this show gives people impetus to go out and buy clothing two sizes too small, so that they can squeeze into them in a mere month, or even a year. Want to lose weight, get a new bathing suit, and picture yourself in it when the Summer comes. How many bathing suits does it take over the years to make you realize that you will not get into them in the foreseeable future.

Companies that advertise weight reduction are conscious of how you feel about your body and take every advantage of it. How come with all of the companies hawking their wares, that we have become so chunky as a nation. I have the answer and it was discovered in my own refrigerator.

I find that if I do not have much in the way of food in my house, I don’t eat as much. If I don’t go to fast food places, over portioned restaurants, Gelato kiosks, or mini-markets while getting gas, I start to lose weight. I try not to buy clothes that are smaller than my waist size at the time.

Does any of this really work- scan Borders or Barnes and Nobles for the number of diet books, healthy eating books and suchlike and you will see that someone is making money off us while we struggle with food. I am not sure if food is an addiction. I have no basis in thinking either way. Is there a genetic disposition for weight gain? I have no idea. Someday in the near future maybe some enterprising chemical company will come up with a pill that makes you lose 5 pounds a day without you doing anything about it.

I continue to struggle with my attraction to food. It’s kind of sad that I live with someone who has to lose five pounds so that she can make her weight at Weight Watchers. Meanwhile, as I shrink in height ( as one does as you get older), gravity seems to want to expand my midsection. I have not given up the exercise or the occasional diet bender, but I have little hope that my weight will stay off. Hey, what’s that new hypnosis diet with legumes and popcorn?


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