Jews are strange people. They come from all corners of the earth. They look different ( ever see an Indian Jew or a Swedish Jew). They take on the appearance of the countries in which they live. For millennia they were seen as Shylock, Uriah Heep, and the Rothschilds. During the first part of recorded history, they were interlopers in middle eastern lands, creators of monotheism, slaves to the Pharaohs, masters of their own country ( with warlike kings), subjugated by Babylonians, Romans, and others through history, advisors to the Caliphs, medieval scholars and many more things.

In 1980, I heard the clergyman assigned to Jewish –Catholic relations in the U.S. say that Jews were created by God to be an example of man- on all sides of the spectrum- kind and selfish, peace loving and warlike , liberal and conservative and so on. That is something not understood by the Sanchez’s and Stewart’s of the world.

The word liberal has been applied to Jews in the 20th century. At some moment is was a compliment. It became a dirty word, when someone like Karl Rove declared it so and the conservative movement made it a dictionary definition. Jews have been all over the political landscape. They have been as liberal as Carl Levin and as conservative as Paul Wolfowitz and as double dealing as Jack Abrahamoff and as generous as George Soros ( a notorious non-Jewish Jew- whatever that is).

There have been a large number of anti-semitic Jews- Karl Marx ( grandson of two Rabbis), Noam Chomsky in recent years. So what does all of this have to do with the Sanchez rant and Stewart rebuttals. Jews are not a homogenous group. They may all have some feelings about Israel, but not similar feelings politically, socially or economically.

As a person who has advocated for rural people for most of my adult life, my constituency was been universally conservative and overwhelmingly poor. In my years of living in rural areas, I was rarely attacked for any liberal view that I might have harbored, but seen as someone who really “gave a shit.” I was horrified to find out that my staunchest enemies were not conservatives at all, but liberals. I was regally pounced upon by those whose views are very similar to Jon Stewart’s ( I do like him). Not all rural people are as portrayed by Jon Stewart in some of his interviews. Not all Jews have the same view of the world as described by Rick Sanchez ( I liked him).

Bigotry works in many ways. How come many people view rural people as less than normal, a prejudice that is entwined with Lake Woebegon. Is there any reason to treat rural people as homogenous? Is there any reason to treat Jews as homogenous. Wake up boys and girls, this is not a homogenous country, or haven’t you noticed.


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