So, since I have been to doctors for treatment most of my life, I now feel compelled to tell you that I will be hanging out my shingle next week and will begin to practice. Prior to that event, I will pen a number of tomes explaining how we might fix all the things that are wrong with the medical profession. I will condemn most medical schools for their lack of attention to homeopathy, patient needs, overuse of drug therapy and assorted other maladaptive behaviors of those institutions.

After finishing with the medical schools, I will continue to review all of things that I want to see changed in hospital care. I have been in numerous hospitals, and I find them all pretty much the same- inefficient, time wasting and lacking in the skills necessary to rehabilitate patients. They cost too much. I was charged $1,226 in the emergency room for a three hour visit. An additional $300 was added for an x-ray and a Doppler thingie for my ankle. I believe that I could run that hospital better than the current administrator.

I also have had much experience dealing with the legal profession. For 10 year I was in court with a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s funding system. I have also been sued a number of times as a school superintendent. I have a degree in political science and am familiar with a number of constitutional cases.

I am conversant with criminal law, having testified a number of times both for and against people accused of a crime. I have known some judges and have seen how they make their decisions. I have a handle on how the court systems work because I have been an arbitrator for many years.

I would begin my criticism of the legal profession by having law schools change their manner of preparing lawyers. There are too many courses dealing with ethics and suchlike. Most courses should be related to civil and criminal suits- prosecution and defense. No more of this nonsense about real estate law and corporate and international law. We also turn out too many lawyers who then go and take other jobs when they can’t find a space in the legal profession.

I believe that I can do any job in the legal field including running a law school and running a law office. I have seen all of these things and that is the truth.

Over the past few years, it has become obvious to me that the business world is not what it should be. Since I have been involved in business transactions over my lifetime, it seems to me that I could do a better job running a large company, investing in hedge funds, stocks and bonds and running the Federal Reserve System.

Ben Bernanke has the same background that I do. His folks came here in 1921, as did my mother. We both went to elementary school, high school and college. He has a doctorate and so do I. His doctoral dissertation was “Long-term commitments, dynamic optimization, and the business cycle,” and mine was not. I do, however understand long term commitments. I have been married for 47 years. I understand dynamic optimization because I am an optimistic person and I certainly understand business cycles. It goes up and it goes down.

As for running a large company, it there really anything else to having to manufacture something, hiring people to produce it and pay them low wages and sell them to consumers or other companies? You spend less than you earn, have a profit and give your shareholders a couple of bucks to keep them satisfied.

As far as investing is concerned, all you need is a stash to begin with, preferably somebody else’s and put it into stocks and bonds that you get a commission on. You can even fake everyone out by saying that you are investing their money and actually keep the money for yourself and send the chumps pieces of paper with numbers on it. How hard can it be?

Sound silly? It is. So why is it true that we have people who have never taught in a public school, run a school building, administered a school district or anything else, telling us how to run schools? It is this very fact that has made reading, writing and arithmetic lower on the totem pole than: constant testing, health and nutrition ( the latest panacea for fixing our kids), driver training, feeding kids breakfast lunch and after school snacks, family counseling, drug and alcohol education, and so many other societal issues that schools probably can’t fix.

The experts are governmentalists of all stripes- conservatives, liberals and lunatics, private companies who want a slice of the money, social activists, creationists, evolutionists, foundations ( with no responsibilities to the public),business people, legislators, snake oil salespeople selling the latest educational panacea, and elected officials and on and on and on. Somehow, I wish they would leave education alone for a while and try and fix their own problems for a change.


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